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BlockBase Scalability Design

Ricardo Schiller - Outubro 19, 2020

BlockBase was designed to scale. This was something the team focused on right from the start.

The main reasoning behind our approach to scaling BlockBase stands on the idea that everyone that needs a blockchain, should have one tailored for them, instead of having to default to the same blockchain as everyone else, and having to adapt to that blockchain’s throughput, security, and cost.

Given enough demand, any blockchain can be cornered into a scalability problem. Therefore, we chose a different approach. The BlockBase Network requires a main chain to operate but doesn’t store much data there. Instead, it runs sidechains to that main chain, and it’s there where all data is stored. These sidechains are regular blockchains, but we call them sidechains because all their block headers are published on the main chain. This approach conveys integrity to the sidechain structure, because anyone can verify its block headers on the main chain and compare them with the ones on the sidechain. Furthermore, it doesn’t pollute the main chain with data that may not even be important in the future. For example, some information that is mandatory by law to store for five years, but after which can be deleted and forgotten.

With this model, we’ve provided a straightforward way to scale a main chain.

The BlockBase team is currently running a sidechain with 20 providers producing blocks every 10 minutes. This requires about 24 transactions on the EOS blockchain every 10 minutes for production coordination and for storing the sidechain block headers. If the EOS network could sustain a throughput of 4,000 transactions per second, something it has achieved before and will only get better at it, if that could be applied solely to running BlockBase sidechains like the one described above, it would be able to run 100,000 sidechains simultaneously. Yes, you read it right. One hundred thousand sidechains.

You can read the full article on medium here.

If you want to use the BlockBase technology for data storage or be a service provider and don’t know where to start, make sure to reach us. You can also find a lot of useful information on the explore section of the website.

Publicado por Ricardo Schiller

Lead Architect