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BlockBase Pixel Demo App

Ricardo Schiller - Março 19, 2020

The BlockBase team has developed a simple proof-of-concept app that showcases the power of BlockBase. It’s an online drawing app where anyone can go and draw whatever they want there (disclaimer: BlockBase isn’t responsible for what people draw, we’ve seen some pretty crazy stuff there for the past few days).

Here’s the link:

We decided to build this app because it’s a very intuitive and fun way to show many features of BlockBase. Every time someone draws a pixel on the canvas, a BlockBase Sql request is sent to a BlockBase node that is running a sidechain to the EOS Jungle Test Net. That BBSQL statement can be seen on the console log on the right side of the canvas.

These statements are stored on the sidechain and executed on a traditional Postgres SQL Database on the node. Since all statements are stored on the sidechain, there is proof of everything that happened to that canvas along the way. Furthermore, the block headers of the sidechain are being stored on an EOSIO main chain, in this case Jungle Net, pegging the data on the sidechain to the main chain.

With this app we have showcased how simple it is to use BlockBase. You only need to setup a node, and then using it is very similar to using a traditional database. But in this case all database statements are stored on blockchain. With a system like this, anyone can improve the security of their database, achieving real integrity, history and accountability of operations, while maintaining scalability and usability. Also, there is optional encryption for all data stored there.

If you want to dive deeper on BBSQL, you can go to our sandbox and create a database there. We’ve added some examples of how to create a database, add columns with encryption, and run insert, update and delete operations. BlockBase was designed from the start to offer a way for businesses to store their data on blockchain without having to learn a completely new technology from scratch. Also, it is designed to scale from one private node pegged to an EOSIO main chain, to a fully distributed network of nodes. This allows for businesses to scale their operations in the way they see is best for them.

#You should visit the# Explorar BlockBase onde você encontra toda a documentação que estamos construindo e também o BlockBase Network Tracker , onde você pode monitorizar todos os nós e sidechains atualmente em execução em nossa rede de testes.

Também gostaríamos que você participasse de nossos testes. O software está disponível para download no BlockBase Node GitHub Repo.

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