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HireVibes joins the BlockBase Network

Ricardo Schiller - Agosto 13, 2020

We’re proud to announce a partnership between BlockBase and HireVibes.

HireVibes is at the forefront of solving a big problem in the recruitment industry. Recruitment platforms like LinkedIn serve as intermediaries between businesses and job seekers, offering powerful connection services in return for a membership fee. The business of being a centralized intermediary is primed for disruption by blockchain technologies.

We are witnessing the dawn of decentralized systems with novel economic models for incentivizing fair collaborations between different actors with different interests and intentions. HireVibes is an excellent example of that. Its goal is to offer a decentralized jobs platform with inbuilt reward systems that benefit businesses and job seekers. This novel paradigm is designed to reduce the power of centralized intermediaries and return it back to the ones that actually add value to the ecosystem.

HireVibes requires the storage of data related to businesses, jobs, and job seekers, and this can amount to large quantities of data as adoption grows. HireVibes sees BlockBase “as a good scaling solution for data storage without compromising decentralization and privacy”. With BlockBase, HireVibes can scale its data storage without dealing with large RAM costs.

BlockBase is a technology that allows anyone to participate on a decentralized network for the distributed, private, and secure storage of databases. It was designed as a “second layer” scaling solution for database storage on the EOS ecosystem. Anyone can use the BlockBase technology to independently participate on the network as a service provider or as a service requester. BlockBase technology connects requesters to providers through EOS smart contracts, in a global decentralized way, offering a decentralized cloud service for distributed storage of databases.

HireVibes is planning to use the BlockBase technology as a requester, to tap into the network and gain access to the scaling services it offers, and also to become a full provider on the network. HireVibes is awesome. Be like HireVibes!

If you want to use the BlockBase technology for data storage or be a service provider and don’t know where to start, make sure to reach us. You can also find a lot of useful information on the explore section of the website.

Publicado por Ricardo Schiller

Lead Architect