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BlockBase Airgrab #6 Distribution Results

Ricardo Schiller - Abril 09, 2020

The BBT token distribution for Airgrab #6 will start today on April 9. Continuing what has happened on the last two airgrabs, we will distribute tokens to all accounts that have been whitelisted.

During airgrab #5 we made a complete reanalysis of all accounts and found still some accounts to blacklist. During airgrab #6 this number fell substantially. Furthermore, we had only 977 registrations on airgrab #6 from which only 361 followed the rules for airgrabbing, and from which only 312 were whitelisted for airgrabbing. This means that for airgrab #6 only 312 accounts joined the list of accounts to receive tokens.

On every airgrab we check if newly registered accounts have followed airgrabbing rules. And those that don't follow them get postponed until they start following them. We had 1,581 accounts that were in the postponed list from which only 90 accounts started following the rules.

These statistics show us that very few people are joining our airgrabs which is leading us to consider the possibility of shutting down future registrations and just distribute every month to the whitelisted accounts on our list. Currently these are 22,478 accounts.

Opting for this approach will also give us more time to focus on improving BlockBase instead of focusing on analyzing accounts. Nonetheless, we haven’t decided yet how to proceed regarding this matter.

Para saber mais sobre o BlockBase, você também deve visitar o Explorar BlockBase onde você encontra toda a documentação que estamos construindo e também o Localizador de Rede BlockBase , onde você pode monitorizar todos os nós e sidechains atualmente em execução em nossa rede de testes.

Também gostaríamos que você participasse de nossos testes. O software está disponível para download no BlockBase Node GitHub Repo.

Stay safe.

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