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Boid joins the BlockBase Network

Ricardo Schiller - December 2, 2020

We are thrilled to announce that Boid will be joining the BlockBase Network! Boid is one of the longest running and innovative projects on the EOSIO landscape and we couldn’t be more proud to partner with them!

If you haven’t learned about Boid yet, make sure to do it! Boid is a platform that allows you to use your spare computing power to help solve complex problems for researchers, and get rewarded for it. It’s an inclusive and open platform with a vibrant community, where anyone can participate, even with less powerful hardware.

Think mining for the good of mankind, and you’re close to understanding what Boid is all about!

The Boid team is always looking to innovate their ecosystem, and for some time now they have been planning to bring a ton of engagement to their platform through a game that they are currently building! And to make that dream happen, Boid has chosen to leverage the BlockBase network.

John Heeter, founder of Boid, commented: “Since data stored on an EOSIO chain is not encrypted and can get quite expensive quickly, we looked into BlockBase tech to use its built in privacy while also saving on costs.”

The goal is to build a large scale multiplayer strategy game, stored on BlockBase and powered by the Boid Network! The juicy details are still to be disclosed, but we can advance that it will gamify Boid Power and tokens in an innovative way to integrate different in-game actions, and will also make heavy use of NFTs for team prizes, and overall game cosmetics through customization!

BlockBase tech will allow Boid to seamlessly store all in-game actions to produce a historical and verifiable proof of everything that happens inside the game! For that effect, Boid will issue a sidechain tailored for their needs, leveraging the scalability, privacy, and developer friendliness that BlockBase brings to the table.

The BlockBase team is really happy to welcome the Boid team to the BlockBase ecosystem!

If you want to use the BlockBase technology for data storage or be a service provider and don’t know where to start, make sure to reach us. You can also find a lot of useful information on the explore section of the website.

Published by Ricardo Schiller

Lead Architect